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Development Projects

Projects in development awaiting funding

Google 'Step inside'

We will soon be able to offer our clients a 'See inside' Virtual Tour linked directly to 'Street View' in Google Maps

If you do a Google search for the 'Lamb and Flag in London', you will be taken to a results page with a difference, this one has a new business listing on the right with an option to 'See inside'

see more

Database & Library


We are creating a unique library of VT's where clients can log in and rent a selection of tours for a nominal annual fee

see Beta test site



360 degree Video


Universal360 is working with development partners to convert our Virtual Tours into navigable video that can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

See 3rd party examples of navigable video

Aerial 360 Photography & 360 Video

Av8pix have 1 x Airship and 1 x Aerostat - looking for a funded project

< see the Avi8pix website

(click here to see example of what can be with the right investment)



360 Video - We have spent around £100,000 researching and developing a system to shoot 360 degree video and presented a proposal to Sony with a view to shoot a series of concerts to coincide with the launch of a new mobile phone. Unfortunately we lacked the final investment to put the project into production and the rest is history, Sony went on to produce their own 360 Video system!

360 Airview - We spent many £1,000's in association with Av8pix to develop an affordable aerial 360 degree platform. We did it and were about to sign a deal to shoot a series of concerts and sporting events, but once again failed due to lack of final development funding.

Universal360 - We have survived the recession without funding and are about to start producing Google 'Step Inside' pictures which link to Google Street View.

Once this project has started we will take on an agency status for Google which will add considerable market value to the company.

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