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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Virtual Tours cost?

​As each project is unique, we quote an inclusive price to produce each VT.

We will come and shoot a selection of VT's and prepare a preview gallery where you

can select which tours you would like to buy. ​

How can I get a quote for a VT shoot?

Just contact us via our web-form and we will reply with a quote based on your

location and number of tours required​.​​

What preparations do I need to make before the shoot?

​You just need to make sure that the areas & rooms are set out as you wish to see

them in the 360 degree tour - see Portfolio examples. 

How long does it take to shoot each VT?

It only takes about 15 minutes to shoot each VT, so a preview gallery containing 10

tours will take approximately 2 and a half hours to shoot.

If we already have VT's on our site, can these be updated to work on mobile devices?

Yes, we are able to convert and re-edit most existing VT files.                         

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